The NASC have just recently launched their 2017 Yearbook announcing the confirmation of the highest level of NASC membership, since their formation in 1945.

NASC YearbookNASC Managing Director, Robin James opens the 2017 Yearbook with a welcome note stating: ‘It’s boom time for the NASC and its members’ – as membership enquiries and applications peaked, sales of the widely accepted TG20:13 soared and the value of NASC membership reached scaffolding companies of all sizes in 2016.

Over the past 12 months the NASC has been out on a membership drive to attract more small and medium sized scaffolding businesses, after NASC President Alan Lilley launched the campaign in Leeds at the 2015 AGM.

Alan Lilley said: “I am pleased to report the initiatives we undertook to attract new members have proved an unqualified success.”

“I am eager for the NASC to be seen to represent the whole of the scaffolding industry and further initiatives by the confederation are being planned to broaden its appeal. Now is an opportune time to apply for contracting membership.”

The NASC’s widely respected 2017 Yearbook also contains updates on new and revised NASC guidance, CISRS training and Britain’s premier access and scaffolding projects, as well as details of the activities of the confederation in 2016.

NASC Managing Director, Robin James added: “The NASC 2017 Yearbook testifies to a healthy and dynamic industry, and one that continues to astonish and amaze. The range and quality of work carried out by NASC member companies simply underlines the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards where requirements for NASC membership are concerned.”