ScaffMag features on Have I Got News For You


ScaffMag featured in the ‘Missing Word’ round as the guest publication on the BBC1 prime time program Have I Got News For You, hosted by Comedian Jo Brand. Newspaper headlines from the week are read out with a vital word missing for the panel to guess the word which has been removed. It is tradition for a guest publication to be featured alongside this.

ScaffMag’s Founder and Editor, Daniel Norton said “This was an amazing opportunity for prime time TV exposure for ScaffMag, our advertisers and the scaffolding industry.”

“Have I Got News For You has been making fun of the obscure guest publications for twenty-five years, however I believe it was important not to miss the opportunity to raise ScaffMag’s and the UK Scaffolding industry’s profile on prime time TV.”

The show aired on Friday 21st October 2016 9pm BBC1 

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