SMART Scaffolder launches an inspection app


Industry software company launches new mobile scaffold inspection app.

Dorset based software company, SMART Scaffolder has launched an app called SMART Inspector. The app which went live on the app store last week, is said to make scheduling, conducting and reporting on scaffold inspections simple and efficient, and can now be done on an Apple or Android phone or tablet.

SMART Scaffolder Inspection app

SMART Scaffolder say the SMART Inspector app enables the user to store all inspection records online which can be easily retrieved back at the office via a simple separate desktop console. This prevents the build up of unnecessary inspection paper copies and retyping out onto an office computer.

A spokesperson for SMART Scaffolder said: “Carrying out an inspection couldn’t be simpler: just set up the site on the desktop console and then follow the steps on the app when you’re onsite. You can capture photos of any defects you find and you record the client’s signature on your phone.”

“The desktop console makes it easy to bring up reports such as unsafe scaffolds, completed inspections, inspection history and, coming very soon, handover certificates and scaffolds on extra hire.”

You can find out more about this new app and arrange a free trial by visiting SMART Scaffolder


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