New MAX One-piece Plastic Brickguard in Production


Max Scaffold Products (MAX SP) adds a new wider One-piece Plastic Brickguard to its product line after production gets the green light.

The Oxfordshire based company behind the successfully popular MAX One-piece Plastic Brickguard is in the production phase of creating a new brick guard. The initial design will remain the same in principle to the original, however the new design will benefit from a wider dimension (1100mm). The new brickguard also features a traditional speedier hook type design, that works with tube and fitting and system scaffolding products like Haki.

A New Plastic Brickguard Available

According to MAX SP, The All New One-piece Plastic Brickguard is expected to be available from July this year.

The original MAX One-piece Brickguard was launched back in 2012, it was widely accepted within the industry as a revolutionary product, after it relieved the pain for many scaffolding firms from using the metal variant, which in short, was a total nightmare to install for scaffolders.

“The original brickguard will still be in production but this new brickguard will give the end user more choice when choosing their brickguard” says Peter Westlake of MAX Scaffold Products.

“The main difference between the two is the unique one-piece hook design which has a more traditional feel to it and being an ex-scaffolder I have to admit I like brickguard’s that just drop over the guardrail for speed.”

“All the other features are the same in principle if not in design. They stack vertically, the spacing domes provide stability, the toe board clip reduces the need for additional fixings and the hooks fit inside each other without tangling.” Peter added.