Video: Severe Gibraltar storm wrecks huge scaffolding in seconds

Winds of more than 100km/h were recorded on the Rock


Gale force winds have battered Gibraltar yesterday causing damage across the British Overseas Territory.

Wind gusts reached 107 kilometers an hour according to reports, blowing roofs off buildings, uprooting trees and diverting flights.

The winds have also caused a major scaffold collapse on a residential development in the Bayside area of Gibraltar.

At around 02:30 scaffolding surrounding The Ocean Spa Plaza  development was ripped away from the building like matchsticks. The fully sheeted scaffolding can be seen in the video collapsing and falling to the ground. The development which is in the immediate vicinity of two schools. No injuries have been reported.

Anyone driving into Gibraltar – Don't! Most roads closed due to scaffolding coming down around Ocean Village because of the winds

Posted by Ana-Lucy Rosindell on Sunday, 28 January 2018

Ocean Spa Plaza issued a statement giving an update on their site and the scaffolding that had collapsed there.

It said, “At approximately 02.30 this morning, severe gale force winds penetrated the protective covering on the upper floors of the Ocean Spa Plaza site and tore apart many dozens of steel eye bolts and bent the scaffolding poles.”

“As a result, a portion of the site scaffolding became unsecure and was detached from the building.”

“Teams have been on site assessing the situation and are now securing other parts of the site with taut ropes and other safety apparatus.”

The full extent of the damage caused in daylight can be seen in this video.

Posted by Lorraine Marie Ramos on Monday, 29 January 2018