Northgrant Scaffolding help bring back the Welsh Streets


Northgrant Scaffolding is working for Place First on the interesting Welsh Streets project in the city of Liverpool.

Plans to bring houses on the Welsh Streets were given the green light last year. Almost 300 properties will be created as part of the project, comprising a mix of refurbishment and new builds, which will be on average 50% cheaper to run than a traditional terraced house.

The Liverpool and Bristol-based firm started the scaffolding project in mid-December 2017, with the first street now completed. There are still another 4 streets to go with completion estimated around the end of March of 2018.

Richard Anderson Director of Northgrant said: “We are pleased to be working on the Welsh Streets with First Place. These homes were built over 150 years ago and are central to the L8 area. Bringing these homes back into use, especially as we read there are over 3000 derelict homes in the city, makes a big impact on the local community. Being from the South of Liverpool it is great to see initiatives like this going on.”

Northgrant Scaffolding has been delivering all types of domestic and commercial scaffolding for customers from house fronts & towers to large commercial projects for over 30 years. The firm has worked with hundreds of customers throughout the Southwest and now the Northwest.