Layher proves vital for Skill’s Grosvenor House project

Skill Scaffolding has completed a challenging project at Grosvenor House in Basingstoke, thanks to the world's leading scaffolding system, Layher.

Skill Scaffolding has completed a challenging project at Grosvenor House in Basingstoke, thanks to the world’s leading scaffolding system, Layher.

Southampton-based Skill Scaffolding has recently completed a successful eleven-storey high-rise project at Grosvenor House in Basingstoke, thanks in part to the use of the Layher Allround System.

The project was commissioned by Arena Business Centres, a company that regenerates older buildings, giving them a new lease of life and converting them into modern serviced office spaces. The company manages everything in-house rather than employing a main contractor. It plans to turn the formerly abandoned building into 56,000 square feet of exceptional flexible office space.

According to James Wall, Business Development Manager at Skill Scaffolding, the scaffolding project began in June 2022 and presented two significant challenges. He said: “The first was managing the scaffold leg loads imposed on a floating concrete slab that had lower loading capabilities than what the scaffold leg loads would impose.

In collaboration with Layher UK, we quickly devised a propping solution to support the slab from beneath, enabling forklifts to move freely and material storage above ground. We also propped the entire surrounding area to ensure safety and stability.”

The second challenge was keeping one corner of the building free of scaffolding from the ground level to approximately the 2nd/3rd floor (8-10m from the ground) to allow for a new build extension planned for a large open reception/foyer area.” 

Skill Scaffolding worked closely with Layher UK’s expert design team and the client’s engineers to devise a solution that worked for all parties.

Giant prefabricated steel “goalposts” were installed by the client across this corner section, from which Skill Scaffolding based out their scaffold. This kept the entire corner free for ground-level new build works while still allowing full facade access above for remediation works.

Throughout the project, Skill Scaffolding relied heavily on the Layher Allround System, which offered several benefits. The system was easy and quick to erect, which helped to speed up the project timeline. It also provided superior safety and ease of inspection, making it easier for Skill Scaffolding to identify and address issues quickly. Additionally, the system offered clear walkways on all boarded lifts, with no ledger bracing, and the use of Layher’s gap decks helped avoid gaps between the inside deck and the main deck.

Skill Scaffolding had one gang of highly-skilled scaffolders on the job for most of the project’s lifespan, supported additionally by their cutting-edge KEWAZO Liftbot in parts.

The successful completion of the project is a testament to the expertise and professionalism of Skill Scaffolding, as well as the quality and effectiveness of the Layher Allround System. Overall, the project at Grosvenor House in Basingstoke is an excellent example of how the right combination of skills and equipment can lead to a successful and efficient construction project.

In conclusion, Skill Scaffolding’s successful project completion at Grosvenor House in Basingstoke highlights the importance of using the right equipment and collaborating effectively with clients and industry partners.

Sean Pike, Managing Director of Layher Ltd, UK, said, “The challenges faced during the project demonstrate Skill Scaffolding’s ability to think creatively and devise practical and effective solutions that meet the client’s needs while maintaining safety and stability”. 

James Wall concludes, “The successful use of the Layher Allround System also underscores the importance of investing in quality equipment that can save time, improve safety, and increase efficiency on construction sites”.

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