In the heart of Lithuania, the picturesque city of Vilnius is gearing up to host the 3rd annual Kewazo ScaffChamp 2023. With just over a week to go, Scaffmag delves into a preview of this year’s scaffolding competition, which is set to be the biggest, most diverse and most competitive yet…

Organised by the Baltic Scaffolding Association (BSA) Kewazo ScaffChamp is bringing together a global gathering of scaffolding professionals for a two-day event marked by competition, networking, and entertainment.

This year’s Kewazo ScaffChamp, held on the 26th and 27th of May, will see a significant expansion in the event and those participating. According to the BSA, fifteen teams have been confirmed to participate, up from six in the previous year.

Scaffolders from Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Norway, and Denmark are among those competing for the prestigious ScaffChamp title.

The return of all teams from last year’s competition signals the growing significance of this highly anticipated international event.

However, as previously reported, teams from the UK and Australia have had to pull out of the competition due to work commitments. Despite their absence, the enthusiasm surrounding the event remains high, with an expectation of a thrilling competition.

Beyond the Competition

The Kewazo ScaffChamp 23 is set to serve as an international scaffolding industry conclave. More than 400 guests from over 20 countries are expected to attend, offering an unparalleled platform for industry professionals to explore new markets, forge partnerships, and discuss the future of the scaffolding trade.

Arm wrestling from ScaffChamp 22

While competition and professional networking form the event’s core, entertainment is also on the agenda. Attendees can look forward to a BBQ party, an OCR relay and even an arm-wrestling contest; oh, and not to mention a charity auction on the first day.

Event sponsors KEWAZO and ScaffPlan have also promised additional entertainment to keep the guests engaged.

For those unable to attend in person, the organisers have planned an interactive live broadcast for May 27th. The broadcast on Youtube and streamed on Scaffmag will feature a TV host and two commentators, aiming to make the event as engaging for remote viewers as for those on-site.

The BSA is preparing to offer a full-fledged event experience with a VIP tent, food zone, kids zone, bar, and entertainment zone set up for the attendees.

Our team at Scaffmag will be present at the event, offering in-depth coverage and exclusive updates to our readers. “We’re thrilled to be again covering the ScaffChamp this year,” says Scaffmag’s Editor, Daniel Norton. “Our readers can look forward to us covering all the action, gaining insights and the excitement from the ground.”

As Vilnius gears up to become the scaffolding capital of the world for these two days, stay tuned for all the action from the ground at Kewazo ScaffChamp 23.