Tube & Fitting

Tube & Fitting Scaffolding is recognised as Traditional scaffolding and here are some examples of structures that can be erected using these materials, Click on the links for a more in depth Look.

Independent Tied Scaffolds

An independent scaffold consists of a double row of standards, with each row parallel to the building. The inner row is set as close to the building as is practicable. The distance between the lines of standards should be the minimum necessary to accommodate the required number of boards and toe boards. Read More

Putlog Scaffolds

A putlog scaffold consists of a single row of standards, parallel to the face of the building and set as far away from it as is necessary to accommodate a platform of four or five boards wide, with the inner edge of the platform as close to the wall as is practicable. Read More

Access Birdcage Scaffolds

A birdcage scaffold consists of a mass of standards arranged at regular intervals in parallel lines, usually evenly spaced apart. These standards are laced together with a grid of ledgers and transoms at every lift height. The top lift is boarded to form the access platform for work on ceilings and soffits, e.g. fix lighting, ventilation or sprinklers over an inside area. Read More

Scaffold Towers

Free standing structures which are self-supporting and do not depend totally on other structures for their rigidity and stability. Three classes of these structures are generally recognised. Read More

Roof Saddle

Generally agreed to mean the foundation for a scaffold erected on a pitched roof, when chimneys are to be repairs. Roof saddles are generally erected when minor repairs are made, e.g. replacing chimney pots, or repointing etc. Read More