New Heights For Lynch Scaffolding System

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The recent launch of a unique product has further enhanced the innovative Lynch Scaffolding System that is also improving safety in the workplace.

Their advanced double handrail and kicker board component works not just with this system but also with traditional tube and fitting scaffolds. What’s more, the designed patented coupler attachment of one fitting on top of the other allows for bay sections to be inserted level over the plain tube. Bay sections then need to be set to the required advanced double handrail and kicker board measurements.

This simple but effective piece of kit is expected by the makers to revolutionise how scaffolding is constructed in the future. It can be inserted from the working lift below without the need for scaffolders standing on steps. Given the dangers involved in the erection or dismantling of scaffolds, the take up is certain to be popular with companies across the board.

Paul Lynch told Scaffmag: “Our advanced double handrail and kicker board works with tube and fitting scaffolds by simply attaching a fitting also designed by the lynch scaffolding system, which then allows for the advanced double handrail and kicker board to be inserted before the transoms are positioned in place. On lots of other scaffolds you will see bolts or holders sticking out from the upright standards. It’s a common problem especially on new development sites when lifts are stacked with materials and walkways are then narrowed creating a greater safety risk to everyone involved.

“Because this reduces the risk of impact-related injuries, it’s perfect for a whole range of media and entertainment events where restrictive access is necessary. It’s excellent for both barrier and roof protection, and it also means no adjustable jack plates are required on ground surfaces as standard base plates will suffice. And let’s be honest, the stability of all structures starts from the base.”

The benefits of the product are certainly impressive beginning with the fact no leveling is required, as the component just sits on top of any single fittings. There are no dead men, and you simply tighten bolts with an extended ratchet spanner. It’s also worth remembering this innovative product introduction reduces time-scales hugely, which can also have a long-term knock-on effect on business profits.

Paul added: “There are three different sizes of the advanced double handrail and kicker board bay sections, and they can be purchased with an extra added brickguard if required which is welded permanently to the handrail. They all carry a galvanised steel finish.”

According to Paul the handrail and kicker board component has been thoroughly and professionally tested that has been proven to be an excellent product for handrailing, during the process of erecting high scaffolds. Scaffolders just move the bay sections up on the scaffold lifts whether erecting or dismantling.

Paul says, there is also a reversible stop end double handrail and kicker board component which has an optional inside board attachment. This all means no restrictions are needed on correct levels of working platforms, there are no costly upright standards required, and no complete restocking of materials. You just add to existing stock.

Whats it Cost?

  • 2m .385 mm length x 1 m high bay section: £ 51.50
  • 1m .935mm length x 1m high bay section: £48.00
  • 1m.245mm length x 1 m high bay section: £44.60
  • Reversible stop end 990mm x 1m 90mm high with an extended inside board attachment: £45.70

“More products will become available with the system in the coming months to improve the safety of scaffolders when erecting or dismantling of scaffolds and also improve access for all users of scaffolds” Paul added.

The Lynch Scaffolding System is certainly on the way up in making an impact in the world of scaffolding, and it seems their advanced double handrail and kicker board component is another interesting timesaving product.

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