Image shows the Layher Partnership Open Day 2019
Over 190 people attended the Layher Partnership Open Day on Thursday 10 October. Image: ScaffMag

Five new products launched at Layher’s Partnership Open Day held in Hertfordshire.

LAYHER the world’s largest system scaffolding manufacturer officially launched a flurry of new products to the UK market on Thursday.

The new UK product announcements came as Layher UK showcased its latest developments at its biannual Partnership Open Day held at Layher UK’s Headquarters in Letchworth.

Over 190 invited guests consisting of its customers, clients, Layher Germany shareholders and members of the construction media came together for an informative day.

The key announcement of the day was the official UK launch of the impressive Aluminium FlexBeam that we originally saw at Bauma in Munich, Germany back in April.

Image shows the new Aluminium FlexBeam in action
The new Layher Aluminium FlexBeam is SEVEN times stronger than standard steel 450 beams. Image: ScaffMag

The revolutionary new beam has been designed for use with surface scaffolds that are either suspended or upright. Available in 3-7m lengths it is seven times stronger than a 450 steel beam and doesn’t normally require bracing, its German makers have boasted.

Sean Pike, Layher UK’s Managing Director who unveiled the new beam to the UK market, said the FlexBeam can be connected directly to its flagship Allround Scaffold System and emphasised among other solutions, it could be an ideal alternative to simplifying the installation of street-level scaffold gantries that we see in big cities today.

Image shows scaffolders demonstrating the benefits of the new Layher Aluminium FlexBeam
Scaffolders demonstrating the benefits of the new Layher Aluminium FlexBeam. Image: ScaffMag

Sean Pike said: “The success that we have enjoyed worldwide over seven decades has always been based on a key consideration – a commitment to harnessing both inspiration and innovation to move the modular scaffolding and weather protection industry forward.”

And he made it quite clear that the company’s ongoing commitment to product development is evidence of its pioneering role in the industry. 

“Developing new concepts and answering questions that have often come directly from our customer base has helped us to become the benchmark for our particular sector of the construction industry,” he added.

More New Products Launched

Image shows a Layher client trying out the new VR Layher SIM
A Layher client testing out the new Layher SIM in VR. Image credit: Royle Media

Layher SIM (Scaffold Information Modelling) Layher’s SIM is also another hi-spec product that we originally spotted at Bauma in April, it’s a new sophisticated design tool that builds on the company’s LayPLAN and LayCAD facilities. It enables the creation of 3D visualisations either on screen or via a VR headset that takes the user into a digital world. On entering, the user can rotate and fly through scaffold designs identifying issues before being built in the real world.

Image shows the new Layher lightweight steel deck
The new Layher Lightweight Steel Deck. Image: ScaffMag

A new Lightweight Steel Deck – The new ‘less is more’ deck reduces component weight by up to 12%, as well as reinforcement webbing, strengthening strips and comfort handling enhancements.

Image shows the new Layher Aluminium Solo Tower
The new Aluminium Solo Tower provides easy one-person transportation and tool-free erection. Image: ScaffMag

Aluminium Solo Tower – Layher’s direct response to the increasing restrictions on the use of ladders on site. This easy one-person transportation and tool-free erection to a working height of up to 6.15m.

Image shows the new Layher Power Tower XL
Layher Power Tower XL. Image: ScaffMag

PowerTower XL – A new heavy-duty tower that is a combination of shoring and working scaffold that can take a huge load of up to 200 tonnes (2MN).