G-DECK launches affordable, robust Lift Shaft Gate

G-DECK, the construction safety decking specialist, has added a robust Lift Shaft Gate to its range of site safety products

G-DECK, the construction safety decking specialist, has added a robust Lift Shaft Gate to its range of site safety products, providing a flexible solution to prevent falls from height with a price tag of just £475.

Designed by the expert team at G-DECK with the same safety-first approach to functionality as the company’s G-DECK, G-DECK Lite and G-DECK Dual systems, the G-DECK Lift Shaft Gate can be installed in just five minutes using a simple self-tapping concrete bolt.

Once in place, the G-DECK Lift Shaft Gate provides a sturdy barrier to prevent falls, while offering the flexibility for site workers to carry out work within the void without removing the gate.

Explains Ty Wilson, sales director at G-DECK: “On large development sites there are often numerous lift void apertures and these need to be protected to avoid the risk of falls from height. However, the lift shaft needs to remain accessible to allow operatives to work in the void when required.

“Our Lift Shaft Gate has been designed to fit any lift void aperture, with the easy addition of wings when the opening is wider than standard. It has also been fitted with stable doors to enable operatives to gain access by opening either the upper or lower half of the door while the other remains locked, or both halves together.

Ty Wilson, sales director at G-DECK
Ty Wilson, Sales Director at G-DECK

It is pad-lockable and strong enough to withstand any risk of site operatives falling into the void by pushing on the gate or colliding with it. All in all, we believe we have brought to market a best in class Lift Shaft Gate at a price that beats anything else available.”

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the G-DECK Lift Shaft Gate is compliant with BS EN13374: 2013 Class A, and has been fully tested by independent testing experts, Tesmec. A standard set size, which includes a gate and one wing, is 1800mm (w) x 2200 (h) and you can extend for bigger voids by adding wings which are 600mm (w) x 2200mm (h) to enable complete flexibility.

In addition to selling the Lift Shaft Gate direct to construction companies, G-DECK is already gaining significant interest in the product from scaffolding companies, which can earn additional revenue on projects by renting out Lift Shaft Gates as part of a complete access and safety solution.

“Scaffolding companies can acquire Our Lift Shaft Gate system at relatively low cost while creating an opportunity for regular rental income,” Ty continues. “Even at a modest rental of £10/week, the payback period for a gate and wing set up is under a year and, as site safety becomes an increasingly important element of winning and delivering projects for construction companies, demand has never been higher.

“We have already carried out a number of customer demos and it’s clear that this will be a hero safety product for the construction sector.”