Registration for the 2nd International Scaffolders Championships held in Lithuania is still open for teams of scaffolders from around the world to compete.

Despite the ongoing shocking events in Ukraine and two years of postponements due to Covid and travel restrictions, organisers have said the event is going ahead as planned.

Free registration for the championship which is due to take place on 22nd April 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania is still open for teams. Organisers from the Baltic Scaffolding Association have revealed that eight teams have confirmed participation from Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Poland and Norway.

Scaffmag understands that scaffolders from the UK, Ireland, Germany and Canada have plans to also take part but confirmation is expected next week.

When quizzed about teams from Russia and any banning order, Baltic Scaffolders Association President, Oleg Abramov said: We can’t actually say that we are banning teams from Russia, but there were no plans at all to invite any this year, as there were COVID restrictions for them on entering Lithuania. And due to the latest situation in Ukraine, there is no theoretical possibility that there will be teams from Russia.”

Any team with six persons who have the skills and knowledge of the Layher Allround System can register and compete. To register and for more information please visit

Scaffmag covered the successful event in 2019. The championship saw nine teams participated from five countries, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. Each team had to safely erect and dismantle a designed freestanding scaffold within two hours. The teams were against the clock and the scrutiny of industry expert referees.

Lithuania based firm HOTREMA took first place in 2019, while Adelante Tellingud from Estonia was placed 2nd with Poland’s ARAD bagging a 3rd place spot.