Steve Wood

Scaffolders Personal Everest Will Help Others

As a Northamptonshire based scaffolder Steve Wood is the epitome of courage and determination. Still running his business despite a major series of setbacks...
diy related accidents

The True Cost of DIY

Having a go at home improvements may be more costly than we think, according to a recent study by construction supplier Burton Roofing. By analysing...
HP Sauce old and new showing Big Ben / Houses of Parliament

Scaffolding on Big Ben inspires new sauce label

It's time to forget Brexit as we celebrate the 160th anniversary of 'Big Ben's Great Clock' at The Houses of Parliament. But thanks to...
ex-scaffolder Poker player Sam Trickett

Ex-scaffolder is a £30M poker super star

A British poker champion is now estimated to have won £30 million during his professional career. Nottingham ex-scaffolder Sam Trickett, 32 gave up his scaffolding...

World Cup fever grows for these scaffolders

World Cup fever has swept across the country as football fans get behind the England football team as they progress through the tournament. In one...