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Dramatic video captures collapse of scaffolding from highrise building


Onlookers capture shocking footage of scaffolding collapsing from a nine story building in Japan during high winds. Video has emerged online of the moment when high winds peeled away scaffolding and metal panels from a nine-story building that was due for demolition in Tama, western Tokyo, Japan.The incident happened on Sunday (17 April) thankfully there has been no reports of...

CISRS Launch Slick Promotional Video


CISRS has launched a bold new promotional film aimed at attracting people into a rewarding career in scaffolding through the CISRS training scheme. The short, fast-paced, two-minute viral video was shot at approved CISRS training providers, Simian Risk Management in Warrington. It covers the basics of the industry recognised CISRS training scheme, specifically through the stories of three (Part 1,...

Gantry Dismantle Time-lapse Video


Time-lapse video of Gantry Dismantle Watch a gang of young apprentices on their CISRS Part 1 training course at Safety & Access in Nottingham, dismantle a large pedestrian gantry. The job itself took the young lads 30 mins to take down, but here it is condensed into 56 seconds!

Video: Scaffolding Training in 1969


A video has emerged showing how scaffolders were being trained in 1969. British pathe has published a very interesting snapshot video of scaffolders being trained at the old CITB scaffold training center in Mitchem, London. Well before harnesses and the conception of SG4 & TG20, the video profoundly highlights how far our great industry has progressed to become a world...

Video: 30ft Mobile scaffolding tower crashes down onto busy street


Video captures the scene as a 30ft mobile scaffolding tower came crashing down in a high street, narrowly missing cars. Last Sunday shop owners and traders in a Winchester High Street dashed to move their cars from the path of a collapsing aluminium mobile tower scaffold.Three dosey contractors who had been clearing out gutters on a shop reportedly proceeded to...

VIDEO: HSE prosecutes Scaffolder caught on film.


A scaffolder has been prosecuted after he repeatedly allowed unsafe work at height to be carried out on a busy London street. Greg Pearson, from Enfield, trading as ‘Pearsons Scaffolding’, was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) after a member of the public raised concerns about scaffolding work being carried out on Tavistock Street in central London.She was...

Grip It MAX


Grip It® MAX from Polyco. The value of a task, it is said, lies in its difficulty, and only by tackling difficulty head on can potential be realised. With this principle in mind the expert product development team at Polyco set out to create a best-in-class dry-grip glove offering unrivalled comfort. Two years and several surmounted difficulties later, the Grip...

Video: Wind brings down scaffolding in the USA


Shocking video emerges of a scaffold collapse in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA.Wind was a factor in bringing the structure down but possibly the deciding factor could be missing or failing ties.Thankfully no injuries have been reported.

Video: Overloaded scaffold truck tips up in China


An overloaded scaffolding wagon loses balance and tips backwards in a video from China.According to the telegraph website the footage was captured in Chongqing in February. The footage shows the driver of the truck, which is loaded with scaffolding materials, stuck in his cab three metres up the air.No injures were reported.

VIDEO: Shocking CCTV footage of a falling scaffold tube seriously injuring two female pedestrians


A man has been in police custody after a falling scaffold tube seriously injures two women on a busy London city street. On Tuesday 20th January 2015 a scaffolding contractor was in the process of dismantling a large scaffold in the heart of london’s financial district, when a scaffold tube became dislodged it plummeted towards the city street below striking...


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