35-storey scaffolding demolished by mother nature

This unbelievable video captured by a bystander, shows the actual moment strong winds brought down a huge 35-storey scaffolding structure. The video captured earlier this month shows tubes and boards falling away from the building as winds of 72kmp were reported across Tehran, the capital of Iran. The footage looks to show the entire scaffolding start to move in an upward motion before collapsing...

Cinema Collapse Brings Down Scaffolding On Tyneside

Building collapse onto scaffolding in Newcastle

The famous Odeon cinema in Newcastle Upon Tyne's city centre is lying in ruins today following a collapse of the building late last night. A bus stop next to the building under demolition since January, was completely crushed. Amazingly, no-one was hurt in the incident that happened at around 11 pm on Monday, though around 10 people were waiting...

Shocking Video: Man Pulls Scaffolding Over onto Busy Street


A video has emerged online showing a man purposely pulling a fully erected scaffold over onto a busy street and parked cars. The five minute sickening video originally posted on Facebook shows an unidentified man calmly dismantling the bottom lift of a scaffold, which had been erected on the front of a house somewhere in the UK. The video continues on...

Video: Salisbury Cathedral Scaffolding 1950


Great little video showing the old school scaffolding and the nail biting views from 400+ feet from the top of Salisbury Cathedral in the 1950's. Amazingly the video also shows us the old original winch and the original oak scaffold boards used to build the cathedral in the 13th century. According to Wikipedia - The cathedral has the tallest church spire...

Video: Scaffolders life in the 1950s and 1960s


Well before the Health and Safety at Work Act this excellent historical video depicts the life of London construction in the early 1960's. Interestingly the two minute clip gives us a great insight into the life of the scaffolder back in the day. When Band and Plate was king with heavy gauge 3" tubes and 1/2" spanners was the norm,...

ScaffMag features on Have I Got News For You

ScaffMag features on Have I Got News For You

ScaffMag featured in the ‘Missing Word’ round as the guest publication on the BBC1 prime time program Have I Got News For You, hosted by Comedian Jo Brand. Newspaper headlines from the week are read out with a vital word missing for the panel to guess the word which has been removed. It is tradition for a guest publication...

NASC Launches new promotional film


The NASC has launched a promotional film that aims to broaden the safe scaffolding message of the UK’s leading access and scaffolding trade body and to encourage small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to become members of the confederation. The three-minute film features interviews with three different sized NASC member companies, at three separate locations and access and scaffolding jobs...

Dramatic video captures collapse of scaffolding from highrise building


Onlookers capture shocking footage of scaffolding collapsing from a nine story building in Japan during high winds. Video has emerged online of the moment when high winds peeled away scaffolding and metal panels from a nine-story building that was due for demolition in Tama, western Tokyo, Japan. The incident happened on Sunday (17 April) thankfully there has been no reports of...

CISRS Launch Slick Promotional Video


CISRS has launched a bold new promotional film aimed at attracting people into a rewarding career in scaffolding through the CISRS training scheme. The short, fast-paced, two-minute viral video was shot at approved CISRS training providers, Simian Risk Management in Warrington. It covers the basics of the industry recognised CISRS training scheme, specifically through the stories of three (Part 1,...

Gantry Dismantle Time-lapse Video


Time-lapse video of Gantry Dismantle Watch a gang of young apprentices on their CISRS Part 1 training course at Safety & Access in Nottingham, dismantle a large pedestrian gantry. The job itself took the young lads 30 mins to take down, but here it is condensed into 56 seconds!