Review: Which gloves are best ?



Welcome to another instalment of our reviews this month I have been reviewing the best gloves all supplied by the great guys at Active Workwear. I have worn each pair of these gloves for one week while erecting and dismantling scaffolding.

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General Handling Gloves MP1 

We have all seen them and worn them and by far the best gloves for all scaffolding tasks. i got at least 3 to 4 days work out of the gloves before holes started appearing.

Overall very comfortable to wear and retained grip even when wet.

Price: £1.10 each



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Snickers Craftsmans Gloves

The Snickers craftsman boasts unbeatable grip and uncompromising protection perfect for really tough jobs. The palm and fingers are reinforced with Grip TechT which is a durable rubber with an advanced textured surface.

When I first wore the gloves they provided great grip and felt like a second skin although scaffolding for a full shift took its toll on these high priced gloves.  Overall A great pair of gloves to look at but just didn’t cut the mustard when worn for scaffolding.

Price: £22.90 each

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Blaklader Craftsmans Gloves

The Swedish firm Blaklader have created a comfortable pair of gloves that provide a decent amount of protection. The gloves are made from synthetic leather and are a slip on design.

But like the Snickers gloves they fell short when used for erecting and dismantling scaffolding.

Price: £13.68 each



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 Dewalt Gel Palm Protective Gloves

Another well known brand giant Dewalt provides a well rounded protective glove but comes with a huge price tag. The glove provides a gel palm with Toughgrip Reinforced palm and fingers and comes with Velcro straps around the wrists.

When i first wore the gloves they felt like what i call “riggers gloves”  but performed well during everyday scaffolding tasks and lasted well over the review period. Saying this I can not ignore the fact that these gloves cost a small fortune and why I can only give them a 4 star rating.

Price: £25.38 each

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Reviews By Daniel Norton

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