Scaffolding and construction companies across Britain are a credit to the UK economy in so many ways. They provide much-needed services and skill-sets, and a busy firm is certainly a happy one. Businesses don’t run themselves of course, and whether large or small it can be difficult getting the right financial support.

Crucial Help And Guidance

Many companies need the help and guidance of specialist financial setups like Minaur Corporate Finance Ltd, MCF, who can offer bespoke finance for the scaffolding market – Scaffolding contractor funding lines. Why use such a service? Because by utilising such assistance can prove invaluable when it comes to acquiring additional scaffolding, plant, vehicles, or Loans for surfacing yards, marketing campaigns, website development, working capital or even spreading Tax, VAT and Insurance bills.

Helping The Industry

Paul Minaur, MD, said, “We also have up to £100,000 facilities available for companies where the directors are tenants rather than personally homeowners, which is helping to support a large and underfunded sector of businesses.

“At MCF, we have helped companies in the construction industry that have significant amounts of money tied up in unpaid invoices. Using a range of privately-owned funders you can release the majority of invoice values immediately freeing tied up cash via Factoring and Invoice Discounting facilities.”

“Many of our customers wrongly believe these facilities can’t work for them as they issue applications for payment rather than invoices. This is not the case. Facilities are available for applications for payment and contract payment terms.”

Tax efficient facilities through lease, hire purchase, unsecured loans as, well as debt finance/factoring and invoice discounting are used by companies of all sizes. There’s also specialist software available to help make life much easier for those in the industry. Freeing up much-needed cash flow can also save priceless time, and help any business run more efficiently.

Finance Facilities

MCF, have provided Scaffolding and Construction companies with a range of different finance facilities to support their businesses since 1999, and have won several awards from Funders for the services they provide. Their personal approach and efficient service has gained them many new friends and contacts along the way.

Paul added: “Whether you are just starting out or a long-established organisation, make sure that you have looked at all the options before committing.”

“For more information on your specific requirements please contact MCF for a confidential conversation on what we can achieve for you.”