Grip It MAX

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Grip It® MAX from Polyco.

The value of a task, it is said, lies in its difficulty, and only by tackling difficulty head on can potential be realised. With this principle in mind the expert product development team at Polyco set out to create a best-in-class dry-grip glove offering unrivalled comfort. Two years and several surmounted difficulties later, the Grip It MAX was born – its value beyond doubt and its potential beyond expectation.

Grip It MAX from Polyco uses the latest injection moulding technology with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to provide an unrivalled and best-in-class grip.

Designed and manufactured in the UK using a high precision manufacturing process, it offers consistent product quality with superior wearability and comfort. The ergonomic design with underslung thumb matches the natural position of the hand at rest to allow for ease of movement, and the tapered fingers ensure that dexterous tasks can be performed with ease.

The three-quarter TPE coating which has been reinforced in critical areas, offers exceptional abrasion resistance delivering maximum protection; it has a unique and specially designed tread pattern on the palm and fingertips which contributes to its exceptional gripping ability

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