Video: Man falls 30 feet after scaffolding accident


Video Credit: Newsflare

A video showing the aftermath of a scaffold collapse on the side of a boat in the Philippines on the 12th May has been published.

At a drydock in Zambales, Phillippines four workers were working on the side of a cargo ship when the scaffold collapsed. The collapse resulted in the death of one contractor while three others were left dangling.

Footage taken after the first man died shows the three remaining workers desperately clinging on – with two being caught by colleagues and a third being plucked to safety with a crane.

According to reports they were rushed to hospital and treated for minor injuries while colleague Ferdinand Leuterio was later pronounced dead. The injured men were Gerry Bayuta, Johnny Alegre and Vailian Dela Cruz.

Zenaida Angara-Campita, regional labour department director, said: ”Clearly, there was an unsafe working condition because of an overload of workers and their equipment on the scaffolding, causing its sudden collapse.

”Aside from this, unsafe acts were also observed because of workers’ failure to use safety harnesses, as well as their supervisor’s failure to control them on the adherence to safety practices.”