Scaffolding firm caught up in shooting attack

A boss of a Glasgow scaffolding firm and his employee have been wounded after being caught up in an early morning gun attack.

A boss of a Glasgow scaffolding firm and his employee have been wounded after being caught up in an early morning gun attack. The shooting took place yesterday morning (12 January) while the men were taking a break in their truck outside a busy city store in Tollcross, Glasgow Scotland. The unidentified gunman fled the area immediately after the incident. Emergency...

Surgeons Save Chippy’s Hand In 17 Hours Of Surgery


Plastic surgeons from St George's Hospital in Tooting have managed to save a carpenter’s hand following 17 hours of surgery after a freak accident in which he cut his hand off in a chop saw.  The accident happened when carpenter Anthony Lelliott, from Walton-on-Thames, was chopping floorboards. He was rushed to hospital where surgeons were faced with a hand that...

Study reveals the Most Ludicrous Health & Safety Rules in Trades


A recent study by Dickies Workwear has found a top 10 list of unexpected health and safety rules. It was found that more than 61% of participants experienced a ban on shorts on a construction site, even in the sweltering heat of summer. The workwear brand, established in 1922, asked and polled their loyal social media followers for the most ludicrous health...

Scaffolder rides horse to work

Scaffolder & Horse

A scaffolder who has had enough of the congestion charge and emissions zone in London came to work on the back of a horse. Emmanuel Buttigieg and his brother rode their horse Polo into work at a construction site in London on Friday after becoming fed up with the congestion charge. Speaking to the Islington Tribune Emmanuel said: “I think a...

Protester stops scaffolders working after climbing scaffold

protestor stopping scaffolders

Dramatic video shows how a protester scrambled up scaffolding under construction in Brighton, spending four hours protesting that the structure erected was endangering foxes. Wearing just robes and flip-flops the male protester was caught on film on climbing 13ft to the unfinished top lift of the scaffold being built on by local firm Seasons Scaffolding. The man shouted at the...

Scaffolding on Big Ben inspires new sauce label

HP Sauce old and new showing Big Ben / Houses of Parliament

It's time to forget Brexit as we celebrate the 160th anniversary of 'Big Ben's Great Clock' at The Houses of Parliament. But thanks to our journalistic 'sauces', ScaffMag can also reveal another Great British institution is being celebrated across the land. HP sauce named after The Houses of Parliament is giving everyone food for thought, presenting a new label for...

My Kingdom For A Horse? As long as it’s made from scaffolding


An offshore petroleum engineer has carved a new take on the magnificence of the racehorse. And you could be forgiven for making a double take, perhaps not instantly recognising this fine equine specimen was actually made from old scaffolding boards. Self taught artist Geoff Robinson, 62, from Barnstone, has spent the last two years carving a 2.4 metre tall horse...

One-legged Scaffolder in battle to keep his car

Scaffolders Mobility Car

A Barnsley scaffolder who suffered three amputations on the same leg along with a damaged hand has been refused higher rate mobility benefit and could lose his adapted car. Paul Tate from Langsett Road, New Lodge in the town, fell about 12ft from a scaffold in September 2000. But it wasn’t until a few years later  part of his leg...

Meet the scaffolder with his pet goat


You should always be aware of scaffolders who 'get the goat.' But in the case of Jack Barett from Burnley, he literally wouldn't be without one. And both neighbours and locals know he's not kidding, when he expresses love for his long haired pet, 'Eric'. Yes, we've all heard of Monty Python's Eric The Viking, but Eric The Pygmy...


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